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 Post subject: Guild Information and Policies
PostPosted: October 22nd, 2008, 5:50 pm 
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Membership Structure and Responsibilities

New members on trail status for the guild. While you are an initiate, you may be removed from the guild by any officer for any legitimate reason. Initiates may still bid on items, but they do not receive priority over full members for items. An initiate will be evaluated after a minimum of 9 attended raid nights (roughly three weeks) and either promoted to full member, given criticism and another week or two to fix it, or removed from the guild.

Member Alt
Non-raiding status for alts of members currently in the guild

A non-raid status usually for friends/family of guild members. If a casual status member wishes to become a full raid member, they must submit an application like a new recruit, however they will not be removed from the guild if they do not pass trial status. Casuals are not allowed to apply for member rank until they have been been in the guild for approximately 4 months. However we do pull casuals into raids on bad attendance nights. If a Casual ranked member attends a raid, they will be treated as an Initiate status member.

If you are not a friend or family of the guild but still want to be a casual you can apply for a casual spot. This will then go to an officer decision about if we allow you in or not.

As a casual you will be held to the same standards as our raiders in terms of how you present yourself to our server and the rest of the Warcraft community. We are a low profile guild when it comes to speaking out and we prefer all our members stick to that.

As with all players in the guild, Officers have the right to kick a player at any time, but will most likely try to talk to a player first and have them settle down or fix what they are doing wrong.

Proven raiders of the guild. Members receive full priority on loot, have access to the guild bank, and are expected to attend raids regularly. While we have no "attendance policy" for raids, members must notify the guild via forums or another guild member that he/she will not be attending a raid or that they will be late.

Chief decision makers and organizers of the guild. Officers will be expected to be able to start invites and organize raids, lead raids, handle Master Looter duties, maintain healthy raid attendance, and settle disputes among guild members. Since we do not use class leaders, we would like to maintain about 5 (maximum of 9) active officers to maintain a fair and honest leadership structure. If an officer is inactive for a period longer than a month, the officer may be demoted to Member and replaced with a new officer

Members wishing to become officers must first be voted on by the current officers. If current guild members have a problem with an officer candidate or a current officer, they are encouraged to bring it up with another one of the officers via forum PM or in game tell. We welcome any concerns that guild members may have about the leadership structure, and no member will be looked down upon for comments
concerning another officer.

Guild Relations

Guild relations are a major factor in the success of a raiding guild. To maintain a good reputation among the server and its population, we ask that our members refrain from actions such as spamming general chat, being disrespectful to members other guilds, “ninjaing” items from other guilds, or any other actions that would result in a potential conflict.

Raiding Guidelines

Raid Attendance
We understand that this is just a game, and that RL should always take precedence over it. We track raid attendance as a tool for recruitment and it can factor in to loot distribution, but there is no specific attendance requirement. Keep in mind though that if a player can’t consistently make it to raids, we may open recruitment for that class. Raid invites will start no later than 7:50 Server and is expected to be filled by 8:00. If the raid is not filled by 8:05 with full status members, we will start filling the raid with casual members or in any way deemed necessary to fill the raid.

Encounter Knowledge
Members are expected to have read up on and know an encounter before we engage the boss. Players not reading in advance leads to timely delays in setting up bosses and overall frustration in the raid when one person doesn’t understand their roll in a fight. Strategies for encounters will be posted in the Raid Discussions area of the forums.

Consumables can be a major component in progression raids. Every raider needs to show up with the appropriate flasks/elixirs/oil/food/potions for their class in order to perform at an optimum level.

Performance Tracking
Not everyone is expected to be at the top of the DPS/Healing meters, and being at the top doesn’t necessarily mean you performed your job. Different encounters require different roles from people that may prevent that player from doing DPS/healing and being over zealous in those situations can lead to a wipe. We will be using WoLs reports so players can view their raw performance and so that players can communicate/help each other to improve our overall raid performance.

Our standard raiding schedule is from Tuesday 8 PM to 12 AM and Wednesday and Thursday, 8 PM to 11 PM server time (PST). Raid invites will go out no later than 7:50 PM server time and we expect to have the raid filled by 8:05. If you will be late/cannot attend a raid, please post in the absent/late thread in the members area or let an officer know. Raid slots will never be held for specific people unless that person is integral to the success of a boss fight.

Item Distribution

Items are distributed on a master looter based system. When a member desires an item that drops, they must send a “bid” to the ML via officer chat (/o) with either “main spec” or “off spec”. The ML will then make a decision based on raid attendance, guild standing, and need. Members are encouraged to bid on any item that they consider an upgrade no matter how minimal it is (as the overall decision is made by the ML). The ML will not be bound 100% by these factors, but will do their best to ensure fair loot distribution to guild members.

To keep the Master Looter in check, ML duties will rotate among the officers. This helps to insure that an individual doesn’t try and take advantage of the system or play favorites. If you feel that an item has been distributed unfairly, you can either bring it up anonymously with an officer or post it in officer chat and we will work to resolve the conflict.

Bank Guidelines

The guild bank is split into 3 sections: Raid Materials, Consumables, and FFA. To withdraw an item from the Raid Materials tab, you must request the item from an officer and have them withdraw it for you. We do not require donations from members of the guild for the guild bank, but members are asked to replace anything in the Consumables/Raid materials tab so that other members may benefit from them as well. Items that drop in dungeons that are required for guild progression (such as hearts of darkness in BT or sunmotes in SwP) will be master looted and stored in the guild bank and used strictly for the purpose of progression. If these items are no longer needed, the excess will be sold and the funds deposited in the guild bank. Money in the guild bank will be used for raid repairs (when available) and purchasing items required for progression content (such as materials to craft gear).

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