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 Post subject: What is the Light Spectrum of an LED Grow Light?
PostPosted: November 25th, 2021, 1:08 am 

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An LED grow light has a vast color spectrum which is why many enjoy using them with their plants. Most are used based on their warm white, soft white, or bright white colors. These colors are exactly what their names imply, they either emit a warm, soft, or bright color in the space you burn it in.

However, while these lights might look like they only burn white colors, they have an intense spectrum inside unknown to the human eye. In fact, in most LED grow lights, you’ll find they also include red, blue, and green.

Red light is known for its long wavelengths which help your plants to produce more blooms and leaves. It’s often recommended that you use red light toward the end of the growing cycle as it will prevent the plants from growing too quickly. While red is a popular spectrum, there is also a far-red spectrum which is even more powerful. When red light is combined with blue, it often makes a strong match. Because of this, they are usually combined together in an LED grow light.

Blue light is one of the most important LED light spectrums as it helps your plants stay energetic by producing enough chlorophyll. It also prevents water loss. Because of this, your plants usually need to have a lot of blue light in order to grow strong and healthy.

Green light helps your plants to produce chlorophyll and photosynthesis. It’s also one of the only light spectrums the human eye can see.

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