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 Post subject: In my view this update is the best ever
PostPosted: September 25th, 2020, 7:34 pm 

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Congratulations! You've reached level 99 Fishing! 13 trips I have a Dharok helm which I remembered was 5m from analyzing the GE so my initial reaction was WTF. But I just had 3m total items when I got OSRS gold due to wasting away in pvp worlds, so I invested the cash on random items and then I decided to do what I loved most - 1 iteming.

The neighborhood sucks, so I am not coming backagain. And please, I don't attack arbitrary serious PKers, that is a waste of my salmon and 4 casts of ice blitz. After that I tried out RuneScapeHD, I had mixed feelings about - I'd be so tempted to come back if the images had been a step above the current RSHD - one thing I disliked was the menus on RSHD are retardedly difficult to navigate and badly setup, Jagex did a fantastic job on the images but it appears they just threw together the interface of it, what a shame. While testing RSHD in barrows I got another dharok helm, so that I now have random crap in my bank which will decline in price and 11 mil money, still nothing compared to my prime but eh like that I care. In complete honesty, I was happy with RS, a few things I didn't try but I believe that the game is slowly improving to be better than it ever was, therefore Jagex, don't delete my account, trigger hell in a few years I might come back. Discuss modifications in RS because the summer of 07.

In my view RuneScape this update is the very best ever

Weapons like god swords and claws using ridiculously overpowered specials should never have been created in the first location. JaGeX does not need to launch a single dragon weapon for every weapon in the game. Weapons like godswords using their crazily overpowered 132+ into power allowing you to hit well over what your strength level has let you for decades should never have been allowed in pking. The only reason they have been is because if you wished to be in a position to do massive amounts of damage you were needed to risk the things worth in the procedure. (However this was usually not the case as 80% of the people risking were allowed to item safeguard their godsword).

In my view this update is the best ever. I have not pk'erectile dysfunction in years. But I've done plenty of Pjing. Now that's just my type of play and that I bought claws for this purpose only. (Okay well it also seemed cool with full dragon). I sold them for cheapest cost anyhow. Now if you want an items crazy high bonus to str or whatever you have to risk the things worth and it's GUARANTEED if you die. Pking is intended to be dangerous anyway. It's not intended to be a noob spec-and-run sport (what I was doing). It's intended to be about honor struggles. Buying sharks, and the ideal food to stay alive and hope you don't die. Watch how fast dragon weapons return into rise because they will be dominating the grounds today. People will likely still 76k but examine the lack of RuneScape gold buy PJers currently in PvP worlds. Everyone is gone.

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