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 Post subject: Those five movies will then feature in a RuneScape weekly
PostPosted: October 3rd, 2020, 6:41 pm 

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The competition starts today, and RuneScape gold you have until the closing date of 25th August to submit your videos to the YouTube site. After the entries are in, Andrew, Mark Gerhard and some video-hungry members of the Community Management group will then shortlist five finalists. Those five videos will feature at a RuneScape weekly poll, allowing the community to choose their favourite.

The four runners-up will tote a number of membership, autographed t-shirts, mugs, mouse mats, mice and other substances. Please note that all videos must be reached within RuneScape (live activity isn't machinima), and have to be submitted via YouTube. We can't accept entries sent to the Postbag or even Gallery email. For a full list of rules and requirements, and also to find an illustration video out of TehNoobShow, subscribe to our YouTube page in If you have a question about the competition or are searching for some tips on creating your own video, then have a look at this forum thread. We can't wait to begin checking out the contents of your own creative brains.

I was looking through my bank now while at the Grand Exchange so as to find stuff I could market. I discovered some Bronze/Iron armor that I couldn't be asked to sell as it'd be worth next to nothing. I then carried out a little test to see how greedy RuneScape F2P is and dropped an Iron Med helm just out of the way of this audience. I then waited a moment or so for it to appear to others and lo and at that moment it does 10 people run from the audience and try to grab it. I was gobsmacked. Some of the horde was wearing adamant and rune armor too! I couldn't believe there would be many people trying to find an item that is just worth 55gp!

Then I bought a list of lobsters for combat training and just had a few gp left in my stock in the 3k so I took from my bank, and so I decided to drop that and see what occurred. As I expected, even more people scrambled the 20gp I dropped. even more. I can not believe some people are so desperate to get additional things or money they would do something like this. I hate this even more than the men and women who reside in the GRAND EXCHANGE whining about how poor they are.

All they need to do is mine a list of aluminum and sell it and there is 2k inside their pockets that's easily enough to get a minimal level player. Have any of you experienced exactly what I've tested now? Please share. Here is some information about each class of armor until you post. Read it, you might discover some stuff at the end of every paragraph interesting: Non Degradable Unlimited use. You cover it once and never have to think about it again. Folks enjoy the financial security which comes with solitary payments. The drawback is that because they're forever they become quite costly and rare and their prices change way too rapidly, causing players to buy rs 3 gold lose millions.

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