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Author:  Tyresious [ November 23rd, 2010, 3:05 am ]
Post subject:  Lag Tolerance

Since this applies to all classes, figured this would be the spot to put it.

As of Patch 4.0.3, Blizzard has introduced a new feature called "Lag Tolerance." Basically, it allows you to negate some, or all of your lag during combat, by pre-sending ability requests to Blizzard, which lets that ability be activated the moment your global CD is finished.

This isn't a cure-all for lag, and it actually only works continually if you are able to use an ability every global CD, without any break for ability CDs.

Copy/pasted from EJ, written by Exemplar, from the Paladin Forums.


Standing still doing nothing. I press Crusader Strike (3 second CD). The server does not know I pressed CS until it receives the message from your client. As far as the server is concerned the GCD and CS's CD cannot begin until it is told to start. This is where latency comes into effect. This first CS will always suffer from latency.

With the new GCD-queuing your client and the server will now allow you to try to use an ability when the GCD is at 1.1 seconds (or .4 seconds remaining). So you now send a message to the server .4 seconds before you can do something. Rather than the server saying "No", it says "Alright, I'll hold that for .4 seconds then immediately implement." .4 seconds later ability goes off. Server side you had 2 abilities (more or less) exactly 1.5 seconds apart. Your 2nd ability conquered latency!

Any time we step outside the GCD to empty time or an active CD we start back at that effective "doing nothing" stage. Any message must be sent and acknowledged by the server prior to occurring, and the server will NOT hold these in advance.

In a 3 second CS CD situation you press, latency occurs. CS CD starts and GCD starts. Press TV. 1.5 seconds after CS your TV occurs - no extra latency. You spam CS. By the time the GCD ends your CS CD should also end and it should be instant - right? Wrong. The server refuses to hold this attack in the queue because the non-GCD Cool down has not completed. Your client sends "I want to CS". The server goes "GCD ends in less than .4 seconds, valid, CS CD is not yet over, invalid - tell client 'No.'" The non-GCD verification check holds us back. CS CD shorter than 3+latency doesn't help.

At 3 + latency seconds you can press your fresh CS - client sends it to server, server receives after CD completes due to latency and goes "Okay, valid."

Although its written in Paladin speak, the information applies to all classes. It should also be noted that there is nothing wrong with setting your bar at your "usual" latency setting, however, putting it all the way at 400 MS, even if you never hit 400 MS, is optimal, since it will hold the ability request for the longest time.

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