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 Post subject: I mean I do it
PostPosted: September 25th, 2020, 7:38 pm 

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I mean I do it, but that is just greedy and kind of Mut 21 coins dumb. I could say, ea made their bones online sports games and helped kickstart video games to the mainstream by focusing on sports games. I wish they'd cut these idiotic jobs like anthem. They should pump these subscription services outside and use their cash to concentrate on their traditional core. So it's not an issue of what you enjoy trumping sports, it is only a business which sees their gains and doesn't have a solid interest in the customers who purchase their goods. Most of us lose. Why throw somebody else under the bus?

Metacritic user review ia some of the most pessimistic and bi polar testimonials you can locate with quite a few review bombs. Many keep buying because they're basically paying a 60/year subscription fee for Ultimate Team/My Team so they could spend extra money on packs. To be honest. A lot of WalMart's did not even get regular edition. Only Deluxe and MVP and not many copies at that. It has been really weird how small they're crying"BUY THE NEW MADDEN" as it comes to physical shops in that manner. Like, 70+ bucks or nothing. EA doesnt care, all they care is the sound of their $$. It may have a level 0 on metacritic, if it leaves hundreds of millions every year thats all that matters to them. I am surprised EA has not introduced planned obsolescence yet where older Madden games cannot work following the year they are introduced. I thought they did so with nba, believed it had been for all the sports games.

You're considering 2K that isn't an EA game. They kill servers following 18 weeks I believe. Which locks you out of a huge portion of the content because they induce you to be online for anything besides play today to work. Sorry about that im not a sports fan. Consumers receive what they paid for. The sport name fans did it . Like 2k does using their sport games? You get 18 months of servers, then you have to buy the new one to keep playing online. (now as enthusiast project Skylords Reborn) Yes, rather than charging nothing for the rosters, they effectively devote a minimal amount of money and cost you 60$ to this.

Since Madden's business model is built around Ultimate Team, a game mode in which you gradually accumulate more powerful players over the course of this year (hopefully by purchasing arbitrary packs, naturally ). EA spends the year in a trickle feed, where they keep bumping the quality of players that you get. If they did not release a new Madden, there will be nothing to work toward (everyone would already have elite rosters) and people would walk off. It's scummy, but the entire Madden franchise relies on people spending hundreds on MUT and then leaping to cheap Madden 21 coins another game a year after. On the flip-side, if you do not care about being constantly up-to-date with rosters, most sports games nowadays have deep"end-of-life" sales just before the next one comes out.

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