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 Post subject: Rogue Subtlety Guide for WoD 6.2.X
PostPosted: December 14th, 2015, 10:44 pm 
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Welcome to the Rogue Subtlety Guide for WoD 6.2.X!

The expansion's been out for awhile now but I've decided to post a quick guide for playing the subtlety specialization for rogues. Obviously there aren't many rogue fans in this guild, but here's one for the curious.

Unlike every other class and specialization in the game, subtlety rogues have positional requirements when dealing damage. You must be positioned behind the target or 90 degrees on either side in order to maximize your damage output. Subtlety rogues offer one of, if not the most, challenging specializations to play in the game. However, with the right positioning and execution of abilities, the rewarding feeling is unlike any other.

Talents & Glyphs

These talents should be chosen almost in every situation when playing subtlety. However, there are some occasions where you will want to take Burst of Speed or Elusiveness over the default choices. For example, Burst of Speed would be better during a boss progression where there is a lot of potential movement that the CD on Shadowstep cannot satisfy. Or, if you want to scumbag Iron Reaver's Blitz, you would choose Elusiveness to use before being carried back and forth.
As for glyphs, they are straightforward and the Hemorrhaging Veins should be chosen just in case you are unable to refresh a 5CP Rupture before it falls off.

User Interface
*Linked because original is too big and resizing blurs the entire thing.

Always make sure that you are comfortable with your keybinds enough to master the execution of abilities in a delicate manner. Be sure that you are easily able to keep track of your combo points and anticipation points as well as your buffs and debuffs. As a subtlety rogue you have more auras to keep track of, some of which are affected by Sinister Calling and your multistrike level, so you must be aware and pay close attention to buffs/debuffs that can fall off all of a sudden. Personally, I keep all of the above and track my major CDs (using Weakauras) right in the center of my screen so they're in my face, with bossmods emphasized and appearing directly underneath them.

Ambush: Only usable in stealth, applies the Find Weakness debuff on the target and awards 2CP. This will be your main CP builder when you use Shadow Dance and Vanish.
Backstab: This will be your main CP builder out of stealth when you are unable to make use of Ambush, and awards 1CP. You must be behind or on the sides of your target.
Hemorrhage: A weak CP builder that awards 1CP and makes the target take very low initial and ticking bleed damage. This ability should not be used at all unless 1) you are switching targets and are unable to perform a 5CP Rupture on it, or 2) your Rupture is about to fall off and you will not be able to perform a 5CP Rupture before the current one ends. The 2 scenarios only apply when using Hemorrhaging Veins glyph.
Fan of Knives: This ability should be used over Backstab when there are 3+ targets in range in order to perform more Eviscerates and speed up the CD of Vanish (only applies with the 4-piece tier set bonus). For AoE situations, you will want to build your CP with this and apply Rupture to as many targets as you can.

Slice and Dice: This is a priority finisher and is a very simple maintenance buff for 40%+ attack speed depending on your mastery stat. Refreshable at 9secs or less.
Rupture: This finisher requires the most attention and maintenance, and takes priority over all others. A bleed maintenance debuff that can be refreshed at 7.2secs or less without clipping. You will find yourself using more Ruptures than Eviscerates due to Sinister Calling, which is affected by your multistrike stat. You should always anticipate Rupture lasting only for a short amount of time and be prepared to refresh it. This debuff should never be dropped throughout the fight. Rupture reduced the CD on Vanish with the 4-set bonus.
Eviscerate: Your highest damage-dealing finisher that should only be used when you do not need to refresh Slice and Dice or Rupture. Eviscerate reduces the CD on Vanish with the 4-set bonus.
Crimson Tempest: Your AoE bleed finisher that should only be used when adds have low health and you won't benefit from having Rupture on them. Regardless, this finisher can more or less be ignored entirely because it does not reduce the CD on Vanish and you should be playing Combat for AoE fights anyway.

Vanish: A 1.5min CD that allows you to use stealth abilities for 4secs. Combined with Subterfuge talent, you have 6secs to use stealth abilities. Vanish should be used on cooldown to benefit from more Find Weakness uptime, 30% increased damage bonus from Deathly Shadows for 10secs (2-set bonus) and another 15% increased damage bonus from Master of Subtlety. Upon using Vanish you are given 5CP immediately.
Shadow Dance: A 1min CD that allows you to use stealth abilities for 10secs and reduces the cost of Ambush by 20 energy. Be sure to be at around 100 energy before using Shadow Dance to get the most out of it. It is important to squeeze in one last Ambush before Shadow Dance falls off to ensure that you refresh the Find Weakness debuff on the target.
Shadow Reflection: A 2min CD that copies the abilities you use for 8secs and performs them for another 8secs. This should always be used with Shadow Dance.
Premeditation: A 20sec CD that awards you 2 extra CP, only usable in stealth. This is used to push out another finisher, but does not add into Anticipation stacks. Must be used at 3CP or less.
Preparation: A 5min CD that refreshes the cooldown on Vanish, Sprint and Evasion. This should be used on the opener to make use of another Vanish, or used in line with a Soul Capacitor proc. Usage is dependent on fight length.

Find Weakness: Ignores 100% of your target's armor, which equates to approximately a 50% damage increase to your damaging abilities. Maximizing the uptime of this debuff is of utmost importance.
Sanguinary Veins: Increases the damage of Rupture by 30% and you deal 30% increased damage to targets affected by your Rupture. This is the reason why maintaining 100% Rupture uptime is also of utmost importance.
Honor among Theives: You gain 1CP when a player in your group performs a critical hit and cannot happen more than once every 2secs. Essentially, you will always gain 1 extra CP every 2secs.

Rotation & Opener
Your regular rotation will consist of performing/refreshing your finishers based on the priority:
Rupture = Slice and Dice > Eviscerate.
You must always be prepared with a sufficient number of CP to refresh Rupture at <7.2secs and Slice and Dice at <9.0secs. When you are unable to use stealth abilities, you should be using as little energy as possible. This means that if you are at 4CP, you should let Honor Among Thieves give you the 5th CP and then you perform a finisher. It also adds 1CP into Anticipation. You should be making use of Honor Among Thieves throughout the time you are out of stealth.

Assuming you have the 4-set bonus, on a generic 10-second pull timer your opener will look like this starting in stealth:
    -10sec: Premeditation & Tricks of the Trade
    -3sec: Sprint (if the boss will be relocated)
    -2sec: Slice and Dice
    -1sec: Agility potion
    0sec: Vanish
    Shadow Reflection
    Shadow Dance
    Ambush x2
    ...and continue with your normal rotation following the priority finishers.

Sample opener for a short fight ON PULL: (lasts ~22-24secs) ... then you're back into your normal conservative rotation using Backstab and maintaining Rupture/SnD uptime.

You always want to make sure that Ambush is the last ability you use before Shadow Dance or Subterfuge falls off. This is absolutely important in order to maximize your Find Weakness uptime on the target. See below for more tips and tricks to maximize your DPS output on your opener and burst phases.

Tips & Tricks
Energy Levels: You should never be starving yourself of energy when you are out of stealth. As stated before, you should make continuous use of Honor Among Thieves to help you perform finishers. Maintaining a decent energy level (~70+) will allow you to be prepared to maximize your damage when procs occur and when your major CDs are coming off. In addition, maintaining such level will help you perform defensive abilities/cooldowns to keep you alive.
Preparation Usage: On fights that are <5mins, you want to make sure that you are using Preparation to make the most out of your procs and cooldowns. You have 3 choices here, so choose wisely for each fight:
    - 1) Use Preparation during your opener, so long as you do not energy-cap, to perform another Vanish AFTER Shadow Dance ends. This will allow you to go through another phase of 15% increased damage for 6secs + 30% increased damage for 10secs. Going this route is to essentially weight most of your damage towards the beginning of the fight. In addition, for this choice, pray to the RNG gods for a second Soul Capacitor proc immediately after the first one.
    - 2) Use Preparation as soon as Soul Capacitor procs a 2nd time to benefit from the additional damage it provides upon exploding. This may be the case if the 2nd proc happens immediately after the first on your opener, or anytime thereafter. You will essentially abuse this proc as another 10sec "burst phase." Unfortunately, this is obviously highly dependent on RNG so you better be prepared when going this route.
    - 3) Use Preparation when Heroism is popped, thereby putting more weight of your damage during this phase. In this scenario, assuming you saved your major CDs, you will use Preparation-Vanish in the same way as #1, after Shadow Dance ends.
On fights that are longer than 5mins, you should use Preparation on your opener and the next time being on #2 or #3 as stated above.
Anticipation & Refreshing: It is optimal to use Shadow Dance when you have 7CP so that your first Ambush will make you have 10CP with Honor Among Thieves, and therefore will be able to push out more abilities and DPS. This is not always the case especially when you want to ensure that your CDs align up perfectly. This is, of course, a very small DPS gain and requires perfect preparation but for those who are always looking to min-max, keep this in mind. In addition, you should be making the most out of Anticipation when refreshing Slice and Dice and Rupture. If Rupture is about to reach it's 7.2sec benchmark and you are at 5CP, use Backstab/Ambush one more time to quicken the pace and then refresh Rupture. The Anticipation points will become active after you refresh Rupture, so you can use those towards refreshing your Slice and Dice if it is about to fall off at the same time. Try to avoid refreshing Slice and Dice when you have 2+ Anticipation points as refreshing this will not transfer over as active combo points. You have Anticipation, so play smart with it.

Good luck! Happy stabbing!

Do it for the parse. Parse or Die.

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