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 Post subject: UNDER CONSTRUCTION** [Elemental guide] Raiding Cataclysm 4.2
PostPosted: July 16th, 2011, 7:53 pm 
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Currently this is getting redone for 4.3 some information might be missing at times. This post will actually get submitted more publicly on the WoW shaman forum.

Please read! (Very important):
This is an Elemental Shaman guide for PvE purposes. This will be an open discussion thread that will be regularly updated. What is currently displayed below is what I am focusing on as I play Elemental and I am looking for individuals that will CHALLENGE what I preach! Tell me I am wrong! I will look over anything that is reasonable and possibly add it to my guide. :D

First off 4.3 updates:

Blizzard Entertainment wrote:

- Flametongue Weapon no longer increases spell damage. It now increases all non-physical damage done by the wielder by 5%.

- Lightning Bolt has a new spell effect.

- Wind Shear’s base cooldown has been adjusted to 15 seconds, up from 6 seconds.

- Talent Specializations


- Call of Flame no longer causes Fire Nova to extend the duration of Flame Shock.

- Earthquake damage has been increased by roughly 75%.

- Elemental Fury now removes the cooldown from Chain Lightning.

- Reverberation now reduces the cooldown of Wind Shear by 5/10 seconds, up from 0.5/1 second.

- Shamanism now increases the spell power benefit to Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst, and Chain Lightning by 36%, up from 32%.


- Improved Lava Lash now causes Lava Lash to spread a Flame Shock debuff from the target to up to 4 nearby targets. This excludes crowd-controlled targets and those who already have a Flame Shock debuff from the shaman.

- Improved Lava Lash no longer increases base Lava Lash damage by 15/30%. This increase has been rolled into the base Lava Lash skill.

- Mental Quickness has been redesigned. Instead of granting the shaman spell power, Mental Quickness now causes Enhancement shaman spells to behave as though the shaman has spell power equal to 55% of attack power. Enhancement shaman spells no longer benefit from spell power from other sources.

- Maelstrom Weapon can now also proc from fully absorbed melee attacks.


-Ancestral Healing now also causes the shaman's heals to increase the target's maximum health by 5/10% of the amount healed, up to a maximum of 10% of the target's maximum health, for 15 seconds. This effect does not stack if multiple Restoration shaman are present, and does not apply to heals from procs.

-Riptide's periodic healing coefficient has been increased by 50%. The initial direct heal is unchanged.[/b]

Stats and Glyphs
Play style
Set bonus
BiS List

Elemental shamans are caster DPS that use Nature and Fire spells to do effective damage. We rely on our procs from talents and mastery to increase our base damage. We wear Mail armor and have some powerful maneuverability depending on how we are customized. From personal experience I would like to say that the Elemental shaman is deff something you should look into trying if you are interested in something new and fun for say an alt an off spec or if your planning to make it your main.

These are all the spells at your disposal as an Elemental Shaman. If it's not here don't use them!

    -Main spells
Flame Shock- Fire school dot affected by stat "Snapshots".
Unleash Elements- Unleash your weapons element to buff your next fire spell.
Lava Burst- One of the shamans hardest hitting ability. Blow stuff up with a giant molten slag of lava.
Lightning Bolt- Filler spell that also adds charges to Lightning shield.
Earth Shock- When the shaman's shield is charged an earth shock reliefs those stacks.
Chain Lightning- A ranged cleave spell.
Earthquake- A place able aoe physical damage spell. Modified by Spell power. Has cc component.
Thunderstorm- Self mana refreshment, pushback and good aoe dmg if glyphed.
Wind Shear- Powerful ranged interrupt on low CD.
Lightning Shield- Buff. Always have active during encounter. Will stack from Lightning Bolt. Will do damage to mobs at range. Also refreshes mana when casting Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning.
Flametongue Weapon- 5% increase to all non-physical spells. Always have active during encounter. Allows for a 30% next fire spell increase from Unleash Elements.
Ghost Wolf- Allows for faster movement in a separate non-caster form.

I have had the best results out of my cool downs by following a few steps. Fire Elemental Totem will benefit from intellects increase only! It will not take "Snapshots" of your haste and use this. Fire Elemental is best popped at the start of the fight along with an Earth Elemental for extra gravy (you can drop fire ele and earth ele at the same time). Do this with all of your int procs/cd. Ideally you may want to cast a bit lo let some trinkets such as Volcano Card to become active. Once your eles are up use Elemental mastery and try to refresh your Flame shock at 1 second with the haste benefit. If you have T12 4 pc get into the habit at managing your lava burst insta casts or just use your insta cast for Chain Lightning on and aoe group or Lightning Bolt.

Fire Elemental Totem- Very strong CD useable every 10 min! 5 min if Glyphed. Lower with 2pc bonus.
Earth Elemental Totem- Think of this ability as a 60k physical damage dot. If it survives for 2 min that is. Does not taunt skull level bosses.
Elemental Mastery- First damaging spell after cast is insta. Increases damage by 15%. 20% spell haste. 20% damage reduction if glyphed.
Heroism- Raid-wide 30% haste increase. Only castable every 10 min or refreshed upon death.
Spirit Walker's Grace- Allows for casting while moving. Use only for long periods of movement.

[Stoneskin] Gives armor to raid/party members. Not ideal if Devotion Aura is present.
[Strength of Earth] Gives Str and Agil to raid/party members. Not ideal if Warrior or DK is present.
[Earthbind] Useful for some encounters will slow mobs. Entangles on first tick with Earth's Grasp.
[Stoneclaw] In a raid scenario where all buffs are covered ele shams should be using this totem for extra absorbs.
[Tremor] Will cleanse fear, charm and sleep effects. Even while these cc's persist.
[Searing] Think of this as a buggy fire DoT spell. Will hit flame shocked targets.
[Magma] Close range aoe fire spell. Will cast under any circumstances.
[Flametongue] Useless totem for ele sham we have Totemic Wrath allows 10% sp increase from any fire totem.
[Healing Stream] If mana regen is present ele shams should be using this totem for extra heals. Stackable with other sham HS totems. Can be glyphed with Resistance.
[Mana Spring] Mana regenerating totem only use if might is not present.
[Tranquil Mind] Casting time mitigation. Ideally use if concentration aura is not present.
[Elemental Resistance] Gives a static resistance aura. Shares buff with resistance aura.
[Windfury] Melee haste increase totem.
[Grounding] Spell redirecting totem. Dies when spell is consumed. Can be glyphed to reflect spells more of a pvp thing.
[Wrath of Air] Caster haste increase totem.

As an Elemental shaman you have some spells that are better to use at different times. Depending on the fight we Elementalists need to figure out what will be the best strategy to get maximum damage out of our spells while still focusing on the mechanic. Below I have several priority systems while casting:

    -Single or Double Target

Switch targets(if required) > Flame shock > Earth Shock(8 or 9 LS stacks) > [Searing] > [Fire Elemental Totem with int procs] > Unleash Elements(while moving only or if not glyphed) > Lava Burst > Chain Lightning(for 3-5 targets only!!!) > Lightning Bolt.

Flame shocked should be clipped at 1 sec after its last or 2nd last tick if possible. Doing so is NOT considered a damage loss because the interval time between ticks are no longer affected by a re-application of a DoT. For maximum damage out of your Earth shock(Fulmination) try your best to work a cast at 7-8 stacks of Lightning shield stacks. Searing totem is bugged and needs to have an active flame shock before it is thrown down so it works properly. Lava surge procs with 4pc bonus makes Lava burst an insta cast! . Chain Lightning should only be used for 3-5 targets only and kept on cooldown in these circumstances! Lava burst will crit for more than a Lightning bolt and should be used first.


Flame shock(Separate Targets) > Unleash Elements > Fire Nova > Earthquake > Chain Lightning > Lava burst > Magma totem

Aoe can be somewhat tricky as elemental this is why: Before a pull try to have (Eq) precasted so it drops after the tank does their first threat grab. (Eq) does not hit as hard as other classes spells but it has a small cc component to it that most other aoe's don't have. Flame shock as many mobs as you can keeping it on constant cooldown. Unleash Elements a Fire Nova only when you have aprox 4 Flame Shocks running at once try to (UE) the target with most health. Firenova will add 6 sec to your Flame Shock DoT every hit except from a Fire Nova on itself. Chain Lightning when you can. Lava burst if you can fit one in. Magam totem ONLY if the mobs you are trying to aoe are near you. Do not move closer to them to get a totem out this is a damage loss!

When your must-have talents have been put into place you will have aprox 4 points you can juggle around for damage mitigation, totem range, movement speed and spell cost. What you pick depends entirely on what fight you are currently progressing on and what mechanics you are expected to deal with. See below for details:
Tier 1
Acuity(3)- Must have talent. 3% crit is helpful for enarly everything except Lava Burst.
Convection(optional)- I would go into this for aoe heavy fights.
Concussion(3)- All around damage increase.
Tier 2
Call of Flame(2)- Lava burst damage increase. Allows for Fire Nova AoE.
Elemental warding(optional)- I would go into this for magic damage heavy fights only. Even then there are better talents than this.
Reverberation(2)- Helps interrupt heavy fights. Also helps Shock management.
Elemental Precision(3)- Allows spirit to become hit. No hit on any caster mail gear.
Tier 3
Rolling Thunder(2)- Allows for charges on Lightning Shield to accumulate. Minor mana regen.
Elemental Focus(1)- Basicly more mana mitigation using Earthquake with this active is very efficient on mana.
Elemental Reach(2)- Ele sham range does matter on encounters! Helps keep ele sham damage consistent.
Tier 4
Elemental Oath(2)- Buffs raid/party members for 5% crit. Also makes clear casted spells 10% stronger.
Lava Flows(3)- has some pvp utility if dispelled. Increases Flame shock tick damage.
Tier 5
Fulmination(1)- allows Lightning shield charges to be consumed with Earthshock for massive damage.
Elemental Mastery(1)- Ele sham specific Cooldown. Best accompanied with a hero trinkets and potions.
Earth's Grasp(optional)- Will make earth bind totem entangle all nearby targets on first tick.
Totemic Wrath(1)- 10% raid-wide spell power buff.
Tier 6
Feedback- This was actually a set bonus in wrath. Makes Elemental Mastery shorter.
Lava Surge- gives a flame shock tick a 20% chance to refresh lava bursts cd.
Tier 7
Earthquake(1)- Good utility Aoe.

Tier 1
Elemental Weapons(2)- Deff a damage increase. Helps your UE and increases spell damage.
Focused Strikes(BADDIE MOVE)
Improved Shields(3)- Lightning shield damage increase by 15%. Also helps water shield for situational uses.
Tier 2
Elemental Devastation(BADDIE MOVE)
Ancestral Swiftness(optional)- I recommend this talents useful for almost every fight. Insta ghost wolf + movement increase = win.
Totemic Reach(optional)- I also recommend this talent this increases the range on your Searing and magma totem. Keeps damage consistent.

Tier 1
Ancestral Resolve(2)- Nice damage mitigation spell since you should be casting 85% of the time.
Tidal Focus(BADDIE MOVE)
Spark of Life(not recommended)- I could see how this could work for a healing fight but you are there to pew pew!

After it is all set and done it should look something like this:

Stats and Glyphs
Optimizing your stats is very important. Trying to get to the sweet spot for the maximum output damage can be very hard to do in gear, gems, enchants and reforging. I consider having these things properly done is respectful to WHOEVER you raid with. In "Stats and Glyphs" I will explain Haste vs. Mastery in the following sub-categories.

    -Stats(To be updated)
Whats is better haste or mastery? This is a tough one but let's clear it up. Currently Haste is the better stat for Elemental however it is very wrong to neglect mastery! Haste is only slightly better than mastery from what I have experimented and played around with. Assuming you have 100% of haste and mastery you want to aim for about 45% Mastery and 55% Haste. This has all been derived from trying different stats on raid encounters. However human error is strongly present here I have been playing with simulation craft to find more consistent numbers to be displayed here in the future.

I am going to make this as simple as I can. While keeping the above in mind reforge...
Spirit + Crit -> Spirit + Crit(Haste)
Spirit + Mastery -> Spirit(Haste) + Mastery
Spirit + Haste -> Spirit(Mastery) + Haste
Crit + Mastery -> Crit(Spirit) + Mastery
Crit + Haste -> Crit(Spirit) + Haste
Mastery + Haste -> DO NOT TOUCH

This one will be quite simple as well.
Red --> [+40 INT]
Blue/Purple --> [+20 INT +20SP]
Yellow/Orange --> [+20 INT +20 HA]
Gem the above only if the socket bonus is +10 INT or more nothing else.

Elemental shamans should be running for Prime Glyphs: Flame shock, Lava Burst and Lightning Bolt. We do not need unleashed lightning because a shaman that is familiar with their toon should be able to move around using moving cds without loosing too much damage. For major Glyphs they should be using Lightning shield, Stoneclaw Totem and an optional glyph. For minor: Renewed life and whatever you want. ;)

Fire Elemental Totem- This glyph is only viable if a fight lasts around 7 min and you do not have fire ele set bonus from your tier gear. 8 min + could result ina dps loss.
Flame Shock- This allows you to fit more Lava burst and Lightning bolts before you need to refresh Flame Shock.
Flametongue Weapon- This glyph is actually very close in damage comparison to the Flame shock glyph however this one is a little lower. 2% spell crit.
Lava Burst- +10% lava burst damage.
Lightning Bolt- +4% lightning bolt damage.
Shocking- In a fight where you need to get lots of flame shocks out for mass fire nova aoe damage this could work.
Unleashed Lightning- Allows casting lightning bolt while moving.

Chain Lightning- Only good if your hitting 5 targets or more.
Elemental Mastery- Decent damage mitigation.
Fire Nova- All aoe should be near itself and thus makes this glyph ineffective.
Frost Shock- PVP utility. Shocks have too much of a long cd to make this an effective ad slow.
Ghost Wolf- The current Ghost wolf already goes fast enough for current raid encounters.
Grounding Totem- Most spells cannot be grounded unless its pvp. Think of this like warrior's spell reflect.
Healing Stream Totem- Much more effective if you are missing the resist aura for the raid or party.
Lightning Shield- Very nice glyph. Keeps your stacks above 3 so the buff doesn't fall off or waste orbs.
Stoneclaw Totem- Nice absorb for nasty damage phases. Around 11k.
Thunder- Very good for fights that need push back effects.
Totemic Recall- More of a battleground utility glyph.

Arctic Wolf- Pretty wolf?
Astral Recall- 7.5 min hearths ftw!
Renewed Life- All shams should be running this glyph. Never get caught without an ankh!
Thunderstorm- Slight mana return. Bye bye to knock back.
Water Breathing- Situational. Warlock?
Water Walking- Situational. DK?

Play style(To be updated)

Set bonus(To be updated)

BiS List(To be updated)
Pre Heroic Modes:
Head- Crown of Flame
Neck- Flowform Choker
Shoulders- Erupting Volcanic Shoulderwraps
Back- Flowing Flamewrath Cape
Chest- Erupting Volcanic Hauberk
Wrist- Lava Line Wristbands

Hands- Erupting Volcanic Gloves
Belt- Firemend Cinch
Legs- Erupting Volcanic Kilt
Feet- Footwraps of Quenched Fire
Finger#1- Infernal Signet of the Avengers
Finger#2- Quicksilver Signet of the Avengers
Trinket#1- Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor
Trinket#2- Fiery Quitessence

Main Hand- Ko'gun, Hammer of the Firelord
Off Hand- Ward of the Red Widow
Relic- Singed Plume of Aviana

Heroic Modes:


Main Hand-
Off Hand-


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 Post subject: Re: [Elemental guide] Raiding Cataclysm 4.2
PostPosted: July 16th, 2011, 7:54 pm 
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Saved place.


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 Post subject: Re: [Elemental guide] Raiding Cataclysm 4.2
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Nice work Lilyth

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 Post subject: Re: [Elemental guide] Raiding Cataclysm 4.2
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Thank you! I put in alot of effort on this and hope to see people debate me on some of the stuff I posted here in the future.


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 Post subject: Re: [Elemental guide] Raiding Cataclysm 4.2
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Lilyith wrote:
Green --> [+40 Int]
Gem the above only if the socket bonus is +10 INT or more nothing else. If you are ever stuck with a green socket just gem straight [+40 INT]
Green Socket 0.o when did that get added? ;-p I'm just nit picking

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 Post subject: Re: [Elemental guide] Raiding Cataclysm 4.2
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Good eye! I was testing you all to see if you would find it ;) Jk lol I have no idea how that got in there lmao.


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