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 Post subject: Brewmaster Monk Patch 6.2 Gear Post
PostPosted: June 25th, 2015, 2:06 am 
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6.2 Brewmaster Monk Gear Post

Since I need to make a BiS list for myself anyway, might as well post this information on the forum.

Stat Weights


Mastery > Crit > Versatility > Multistrike/Haste


Mastery > Haste/Crit > Versatility > Multistrike

This is partly subjective but this is how I'm going to be gearing. Mastery first is an obvious choice, since it's even more important now that the base Shuffle amount was nerfed but scaling was not. Haste is suddenly a good stat with the 4-piece tier bonus, since it allows for more frequent expel harms, which means more frequent Guards. Crit is good as always, since it gives more Elusive Brew uptime. Versatility is just kinda low-value, and the only thing Multistrike does is spawn more healing orbs, which I never remember to use. If you're good at using them, maybe Multistrike is okay.

For the most part, ilvl trumps stat combo unless Mastery is involved.


Head - Mask of the Hurricane's Eye - Kormrok
Neck - World Ender's Gorget - Archimonde BoE
Neck Option 2 - Contained Fel Orb Locket - Socrethar
Shoulders - Mantle of the Hurricane's Eye - Xhul'horac
Back - Void Lord's Wizened Cloak - Xhul'horac
Chest - Robe of the Hurricane's Eye- Mannoroth
Bracers - Gorebound Wristguards - Hellfire Assault
Gloves - Fistwraps of the Hurricane's Eye - Socrethar
Belt - Waistwrap of Banishment - Archimonde
Belt Option 2 - Belt of Misconceived Loyalty - Shadow Lord Iskar
Legs - Rivet-Studded Leggings - Loot Reaver
Feet - Toxicologist's Treated Boots - Kilrogg

Ring 1 - Mannoroth's Calcified Eye - Mannoroth
Ring 2 - Sanctus, Sigil of the Unbroken - Legendary Questline
Trinket 1 - Anzu's Cursed Plume - Shadow Lord Iskar
Trinket 2 - Warlord's Unseeing Eye - Kilrogg

2H Weapon - Bite of the Bleeding Hollow - Kilrogg
1H Weapons - Runeaxe of the Breaker - Kormrok

Two-hand looks stronger this tier because the higher ilvl onehanders are weak stat-wise. Nothing beats the mastery-high polearm.

I've included the 2nd best option for anything that drops off of Mythic Archimonde (because if you're downing Mythic Archie, why do you even care?)

Unlike in BRF, the tier set bonuses are actually very strong (without them we're likely the weakest tank, with them possibly the best), so they're always worth getting.

Enchants and Gems

Mastery on everything.

For the weapon enchant I suspect Mark of Blackrock is what I'll use, but it's always been a toss-up between that and Mark of the Bleeding Hollow. Mark of Blackrock may be gaining a bit of value because our set bonuses incentivise dropping below 50% health when it's safe to do so for more Expel Harms. I tend to like the "mitigation when you're taking damage" over "mitigation at random times," anyway - the same reason why I always preferred Zen Sphere over Chi Wave, even when the throughput was lower.

If you're dual-wielding, use one of each.

Talents and Tips

Here's my usual list:

IMPORTANT HFC NOTE: Currently the only ability we have that counts as "active mitigation" for boss mechanics is Elusive Brew. This is incredibly shitty. For the time being, I recommend running Chi Brew on fights that require active mitigation to soak mechanics, just so that you can be sure you have Elusive Brew up for each of them.
Ascension is apparently going to be good with the 4-piece bonus for the same reason that Haste will be good. If you don't have the 4-piece use Power Strikes instead.

Most of the time you'll probably want to use Chi Explosion, but if you feel that you REALLY need the extra uptime on Shuffle, go with Serenity. It's just not that big of a deal now that Shuffle is only 10% parry chance.

If the fight has a lot of adds that need to be picked up, Rushing Jade Wind and Chi Burst are good choices.

I'll fill out this section when I get more experience with the fights.

Hellfire Assault: Chi Burst, Rushing Jade Wind
Leg Sweep adds. ToD casters.

Iron Reaver:
ToD bombs and save the day. Nothing actually threatens the tanks in this fight as far as I can tell.

Kormrok: Chi Burst, Rushing Jade Wind?
Easy fight, not much to say. You do a substantial amount of burst AOE with Keg Smash, Chi Explo, Chi Burst, so contribute on hand damage.

High Council:
Tank swap Dia and Jubei when Gurtogg fixates on someone, then the Jubei tank taunts Gurtogg at the end of fixate. Easy fight, not much to say. For Dia, save Elusive Brew for her shadow transformation thing.

Kilrogg: Chi Brew if you're tanking Kilrogg
Make sure to face the big add away from any melee DPS or his cleave spell will kill them. If you're not tanking the boss, you can help with stray adds, and ToD any problematic ones.

Leg Sweep/Dizzying Haze constructs to keep them from leaving the stomach. Remember to trade off on the big add frequently once it leaves the stomach. DO NOT ever back up from Gorefiend, even to dodge the shadow burst things, or he will start smacking your melee DPS. In the stomach, put your statue on one half of the room and stand on the other, to make sure you pick up the big guy ASAP. With Tiger's Lust and Roll you can block almost all of the shadow balls in the Feast phase.

Shadow Lord Iskar: Chi Burst, Rushing Jade Wind
Some small adds can be Leg Sweeped. Use transcendence to help survive the winds. With Chi Burst, RJW, and Chi Explosion, you will probably pull more AOE threat than your offtank so you might want to let them take the big adds.

Socrethar: Dampen Harm
With Dampen Harm you likely have enough defensives to solo all of your cones without any trouble. Pretty brainless fight if you're not the SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT

Tyrant Velhari: Dampen Harm. Might be worth taking Ascension even without 4piece.
Her autoattacks hit like an absolute train (224K average on me our first night), so be ready for that. 4piece should make phase 2 laughably easy with unlimited Expel Harm spam into guard every 8 seconds. Phase 3 her autos hit very hard and you will need to chain cooldowns. I even take Dampen Harm to use as a filler just to mitigate autos.

Fel Lord Zakuun: Diffuse Magic
You can pop Guard and soak 4-5 waves or Diffuse and soak as many as you want, but be careful of splashing your other tank. Surviving the shadow realm is super easy with Expel Harm, Guard, and Zen Med. Make sure you pop out in a corner away from pillars! Chain cooldowns in the execute phase because both tanks get nailed.

Leg Sweep imps.

Mannoroth: Chi Brew
You can use Transcendence to cheese the massive strike, especially helpful during execute phase to face the shadow waves off the platform.

Archimonde: Diffuse Magic. Maybe even Soul Dance?
The most dangerous thing in this fight is the Death Brand debuff, and you will likely need to be chaining Guards, Diffuse Magic, and Fort Brew every time you have the debuff. ToD the Doomfire Spirits or the Deathcallers. You can survive the knockback from stars in the Nether with Transcendence. You do a million billion damage with a chi explo build, so try to help out with the Deathcallers and Hellfire Spirits.

Seibukan -- Brewmaster monk
(AKA the cheesemaster)

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 Post subject: Re: Brewmaster Monk Patch 6.2 Gear Post
PostPosted: June 25th, 2015, 2:15 am 
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Now time to update my windwalker post...

Seibukan -- Brewmaster monk
(AKA the cheesemaster)

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