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 Post subject: Closed - Enginear - Application
PostPosted: January 4th, 2018, 6:56 pm 

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Name: Enginear

Class/Spec: Warrior dps (Fury/Arms) (Prot for M+)

Armory Link: ... n/enginear
Background: I am returning player, I finished Top US 100 in NH and had a bit of a lifestyle change in ToS so I had to quit. I only made 7/9M for ToS and am currently only 11/11H. That said, I have a good head on me, I can take criticism and I realize that I am not the only player in a team, my time is the team's time and I do not wish to waste mine nor the team's. When I am raiding I am focused and doing my best for the raid.

Logs Link: ... n/enginear
As I stated above, I quit raiding mid ToS so my most accurate logs of my competitive play are
during NH.

Age: I am 23 years old
I live in AZ atm so I am currently in MST but when DLS changes I will be PST (Arizona doesnt use DLS.

I have a hunter and a Mage alt, both undergeared for antorus.

Following your guide for playstyle:

I my keybinds are primarily on my keyboard but I use mobility keybinds on my mouse.
I use q and e and Shift+q/e with other keys like t, g, v, c keys around the wasd movement.

Weakness/Strengths of class:
Weakness of Fury is that we take extra damage, and our sustained damage is meh. We are very burst oriented and execute phase is so-so for fury. Arms has less burst, more sustained dps and a dirty execute phase. Warriors are also one of the most mobile melee classes.

Another strength of Warrior is that Blizz loves us so we're hardly ever pooped on when it comes to tuning.

Rotaion for t21: 100 rage Rampage(RP)>Bloodthirst(BT)>Raging blow(RB)x2>BT>Furious Slash
CDs:Avatar+Battlcry+Bloodbath->hitting rampage whenever its up>Odyn's fury>BT>RB

Execute: Enraged Execute>Rampage Procs>Not enraged Execute>BT

I have all my artifacts, I have my fury at 75, arms and prot close to 75 but thats not really issue in getting those to 75.

I have every single warrior legendary.

for Raiding I use DBM, Angry Assignments, LootCouncil of your choosing, BDNameplates, Weak Auras, and details.

I feel like I know my class in and out, I know how the class works and how each ability syncs with others. After a few pulls on fights I know how my CD's will line up with phases and go over logs after every raid. I am constantly checking the class discord as well as testing sims and my own theories.

Fight prepping is nothing new to me, I was diligent about both the NH fights and the ToS fights. I have watched fights for M antorus but do not have any pulls on mythic.

I am always gemmed and enchated up with the best and always have consumables(alchemist).

Past Raid Experience:
Vanilla: Never Made it to 60 I was a little kid killing raptors in stranglethorn vale.
BC: did not play the game
Wrath: Raided when I could, I was not very good.
Cata: left the game
Did not play at all during MoP
I came back to the end of WoD and was stuck on mythic gorefiend.

Legion: 7/7M EN
finished top US 100 in NH with Endure - Zul'jin
7/9M ToS
11/11H Antorus

Link to Logs is up above, again I ask you to look at NH for this is when my last competitive play was.

I was in Endure - Zul'jin, I left because of leadership issues which eventually led most of the guild to leave and reform as Atlas - Zul'jin which i have been a casual-ish member since. I am leaving because I am returning from absence and they do not have a spot for me.

I chose warrior because I like the dual wielding 2h weapons and execute phase. Also feels like a very pure class to a fantasy rpg.

Not only am I accepting of criticism, but I welcome it, If I am not cutting it I want to know.
I want to know so I can fix it and improve upon any shortcomings/mistakes.

If you have a warrior or member by the name of Grind(first name is Chuck/Charles), I am pretty sure he was almost part of my family a while back. If the last name Savage rings a bell.

Thank you, I hope you can consider me for a position. Or even a opportunity for a position.

File comment: UI screenshot
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 Post subject: Re: Enginear - Application
PostPosted: January 5th, 2018, 9:43 am 
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Thanks for taking the time to fill out and submit an application; we'll review and discuss it in the next couple of days and keep you updated.


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 Post subject: Re: Enginear - Application
PostPosted: January 5th, 2018, 1:18 pm 
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Hey ya, I talked a bit with Grind about you!

Do you think you would be happy in a place where we are NOT a top 100 world guild?

What makes you able or feel able to commit to full time raiding now vs casual that you have been doing for what looks like most of your raid time?

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