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 Post subject: Gnomewalrus - WW monk
PostPosted: May 3rd, 2018, 8:40 pm 

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--What is your character's name, race, class, and primary spec?

Gnomewalrus, gnome, monk, windwalker

--Please provide your profile link from of the character you're applying on. ... s/advanced

--How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

Started in wod casually, I've been playing seriously since the end of ToS

--What is your real life age? (Under 18, 18-25, 25-30, 30+)

22 years old

--What time zone do you live in?

Eastern Standard

--Do you have any other worthwhile 100's? (Name, Class, and Server)

I've got every melee dps at 110 except DK, and a priest


--Do you predominantly (one or the other) activate spells and abilities using your keyboard/buttons on your mouse or by clicking the spells on the screen? Do you use your mouse or your keyboard (or a combination) to move?

I use my keyboard for all my spells and move using a combination of mouse+keyboard

--What are your keybinds?

I'll post a screenshot of my bars:

--What do you think the strengths and weaknesses of your class are?

My class is obnoxiously overpowered in the current state, it's got very strong burst damage and very strong burst cleave. It's got some of the best mobility in the game as well as having 2 decent defensives.

--For your main spec, what is your rotation (and/or priority system)? If you're a healer, please explain what heals you use in what situations.

WW monk has a dynamic rotation, the priority is RSK>SOTWL>BOK proc>FOF>bok weave

--Does your character have all of his artifacts? What do your artifacts look like for your alternate specs?

My artifact for both of my offspecs are geared and viable for mythic raiding

--Describe your experience and ability with each of your specs.

I mainly play ww monk and have the most experience on it. I play a lot of mistweaver in pvp so I understand how the spec works, and could heal M Aggramar progression just fine with it. My brewmaster spec is also geared and viable but best used as a 3rd tank due to lack of experience.

--Please provide an up-to-date picture of your UI (from a non-terrible site) here. List your hotkeys if they aren't easily viewable or a mod is preventing them from being viewed.

--What add-ons do you use? Please name the ones that are of particular interest to your class or raiding.

I use all the main raid ones: DBM, Details!, emoji addon(most important one of them all), exorsus raid tools if the guild calls for it, RC loot council, angry assignments, Weak auras if the guild calls for it.

--Do you regularly investigate the details of your class and spec outside the game? If yes, what sites do you use and what do they offer you? If no, why do you not try to find out all the information you can about your class?

I keep up with my class changes and playstyle changes, meta shifts, etc, all from the monk discord and thepeakofserenity website

--The only thing the raid leader should have to explain to an applicant is the actual guild's strategy on a certain boss fight. With that said, will you come to a progression raid having already watched videos on every boss fight you will be encountering and read any available information relevant to encounters?

Of course. I make sure I'm always informed on the boss mechanics and I've always got consumables ready

--Will you come to raids with full consumables and the best gems/enchants you can get?

I've always got consumables ready

Raiding Experience in World of Warcraft (At content level)

--Warlords of Draenor

Played casually in WOD and did heroic raiding during BRF


--Please post a link to a recent WoL/WCL report. This is a must-have. ... nomewalrus

--What guilds have you been in (name and server) and why did you leave (or plan on leaving)?

<God Complex> - Proudmoore: I didn't like their raid environment and the guild was going to die due to the raid leader.

<Freelance> - Proudmoore: They quit raiding altogether.


--Why did you initially choose your character/class? What do you like most about it?

I originally played warrior until some changes that I didn't enjoy, rerolled monk because I enjoy a fast paced, high mobility class and it fit the bill.

--Are you receptive to criticism?

Of course. If i'm making mistakes, criticism is only going to make me a better player.

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