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 Post subject: Naggrund - WW Monk/Frost DK
PostPosted: May 9th, 2018, 8:49 pm 

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Howdy, my name is Naggrund, I play both of the characters detailed below.

Name: Naggrund/Belakhost
Race/Class: Dwarf Monk/Dwarf DK
Spec: WW/Frost

Armory Links:
Naggrund - ... e/naggrund
Belakhost - ... /belakhost

Time Playing WoW:
Almost 15 years, since 1.2 (whichever patch was right before AB release)

Time Zone:
Pacific Standard (PST)

RL Age:

Other Worthwhile 110s:
Not really (besides monk/DK), have a warrior and a DH who haven't been touched in a couple raid tiers.

Playstyle Question 1:

I use keyboard keys for abilities, with 1-2 on the mouse buttons. For movement I use a combination of WASD/Mouse (never for turning/backpedaling though.)

Playstyle Question 2:

WW: Tiger Palm on 1, Strike of the Windlord on 2, Blackout Kick on 3, Rising Sun Kick on 4, Fists of Fury on 5, Whirling Dragon Punch on 6. Touch of Death on ALT+1, Chi Wave on ALT+W, Spinning Crane Kick on q, Crackling Jade Lightning on ALT+2, Flying Serpent Kick on e, Roll/Torpedo on X.

I can go into detail about the DK's keybindings, but for the sake of brevity, they're along the same lines as the monk.

Playstyle Question 3:

Monk - Strong ST and cleave, broken spec at the moment with the set bonus and helm/chest.

DK - powerful 2-3 target cleave, fun and engaging to play (trying to keep Storm up as long as possible is fun.) Also, zomgdragon. Somewhat weaker in ST, but not by a lot anymore.

Playstyle Question 4:

Monk - Opener - Pre pot w/ prolonged > Chi Wave on pull > TP > ToD > SEF+RSK > EE+SotW > FoF > BoK w/ proc > WDP

Priority - SEF + CJL 20 stack > RSK > FoF > BoK proc > SotW > everything else.

DK - Opener - Pre pot w/ prolonged >PoF + RW > Oblit > Obliteration > Alternate Oblit/HW depending on proc > dragon on last possible gcd w/ PoF still up.

Priority - RW prolonging > Rime proc > KM proc > Frost Strike to avoid cap > Oblit

Playstyle Question 5:

76 traits on WW, 77 on DK.

Playstyle Question 6:

Playstyle Question 7:

Been playing WW since MoP, mained it since ToS dropped in Legion.

Frost I've been playing since Wrath, mostly 2h until we got pigeonholed into 1h.

Before that, I mained Fury Warrior.



Investigation/Research of class:

Yes, for a general idea, discords for more in-depth theorycraft. Raidbots for simming.

Knowledge of fights:

Yes, I watch videos as soon as they're available. I use my class discord to get a good idea of specific tips/tricks.

Coming to raid prepared:

Yes, flasks/food/rune/pots/vantus runes (if on progression) are a must.

Raid Experience:

Vanilla: MC/BWL on farm, Buru progression when Naxx hit. <Be Negative> on US-Malorne, only guild on the server to see 4 horsies. I played Fury/Protection warrior.

BC: Kara/Gruul/SSC/TK/BT fully cleared. Guild exploded during Kalec progression, took a break til LK.

Wrath: Naxx/Ulduar fully cleared. Burned out during ICC and took a break.

Cata: BWD/BoT/FL/DS full cleared.

MoP: Cleared heroic SoO, senior year of college so had to take it easy.

(EXPANSION THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED): didn't raid at all.

Legion: 4/7M EN, did not raid in NH/ToV, 6/9M ToS and 9/11M ABT w/ multiple sub 15% pulls on Aggy.

WCL Link: ... e/naggrund ... /belakhost

Monk's logs will be semi-outdated as I picked up the DK to help my current guild progress on aggy.


Strange Fiction - Kil'jaeden Horde. Raided with them through most of EN, got a new job and couldn't make raid anymore. Quit at 4/7 and stayed gone through NH/ToV.

God Complex - Proudmoore. Been with them for almost a year, roster/end of xpac syndrome hit us hard and raid lead said we're probably calling it for the xpac. I am also tired of raiding on the weekends.

Why did I choose Monk/DK?

DK - played warrior and was an undead player in wc3, natural fit.

Monk - LOVED the playstyle in MoP. I've always been into the aesthetic as well. Also the only class I have the MoP CM armor unlocked on.

Receptive to criticism:

I have a degree in theatre and I work in customer service. Criticism is my bread and butter. I'm always trying to improve.

Thank you for reading this wall of text, I tried to be as detailed as possible.

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