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 Post subject: Amayä's Application
PostPosted: June 21st, 2018, 4:02 am 

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-My character's name is Amayä-Darrowmere a Void Elf Rogue. My main spec is Assassination. ... amay%C3%A4. I have been playing WoW since vanilla but never really got into endgame until wotlk due to my age! (I'm only 22) My timezone is PST.
-I don’t really have worthwhile alts at the moment. I have a 955 affliction lock (Immôrtal-Windrunner), a 960 holy/shadow/disc priest (Veuve-Darrowmere), 945 WW monk (Elizuh-Windrunner), and a 925 DH who I mained from the beginning of the expansion. (We do not speak of this one *cough* Qira-Darrowmere *cough*).
-I use keybinds to use abilities. I use my keyboard to strafe and use my mouse to turn the camera angle and move. I use the default 1 through =. I have my "=" bound to my alt key. I also have shift-1 through = and control-1 through 6. My burst keys are my s-q/e/c while my shift 4-9 are my utility keys.
-I believe my strengths as a rogue are having heavy burst, mobility, and being able to cheese certain boss mechanics. My weaknesses in my opinion are not having good self healing. For my sin spec my opener is Vendetta -> Mutt -> Garrote -> Rupture -> Toxic Blade -> Kingsbane -> Vanish -> Envenom -> Mutt -> Poisoned Blade -> Envenom. Afterwards I make sure to maintain Rupture (5 cp) and garrote on the target at all times and continue building up CP for Envenom.
-I have been slacking when it comes to Artifact Level. My sin spec is only 77, sub is 76, and outlaw is 75. Too many alts! I can honestly say I am confident with all 3 specs. I make sure to stay on top of every spec when it comes to raiding. Although I am really confident I am always open to critique and help from others.
-The addons I use is Details!/Skada/DBM/Weakauras/Angryassignments.
-I always try and compare my own damage to other people of my class on warcraftlogs. If there is anything I feel like I am lacking in I always try to talk with those who are in top guilds and see what I can learn from them.
-Before new raids I try to watch guides on those specific fights. If possible I try to find fights of my own class. I do this so when the raid leader is explaining the fights I know exactly what they are talking about.
-I always have potions and flasks. I have a small stack of my own food just in case feasts are not available.
-I first began endgame raiding back in wotlk. I began with Naxx on a warlock until I switched to rogue after we cleared Naxx25 fully (and all the fun 1-3 boss raids!). From there I did TotC, and ICC. I then began raiding in WoD with the guild Mercs for Hire-Windrunner. I went and did AOTC every raid teir and did most mythic bosses every raid teir. I stayed with Mercs for Hire throughout Legion clearing raids quickly during the current raid teir. Once the guild disbanded in ToS I joined the guild Memento Mori-Windrunner (which is my current guild). We are currently progressing on M Argus. I have never really put in the effort to try for other guilds due to not wanting to go off server. I have decided that it is finally time to leave my server to continue progressing.
-Here are my logs ... may%C3%A4#
-Also here is my shitty UI!
-I originally chose my class because of class fantasy but as I got older I began really paying attention to each class mechanics. I like rogue the most due to how there is little downtime in our rotation. It feels really engaging.
-I believe criticism is very important. We can never learn without. OH, AND I am the pug that Naru brought. She tossed me under the bus that one night!
Here is a clip of my guild's first Garothi M Kill to kind of get a feel for how I play. My weakauras weren't working at the time.

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