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 Post subject: Nekroitk Warlock Application
PostPosted: July 30th, 2018, 12:41 pm 

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I am Nekrotik a warlock (destro) willing to apply demo or aff at anytime, Mythic raiding requires flexibility in specs and talents. I have been playing WOW since Vanilla primarily as a raider with a few gaps here and there in Cata, and recently Legion. I am 39 years old, and a software engineer by trade. I also play and sometimes main a deathknight formerly known as Nekrophiliak, (frost, UH) depending on the flavor of the month.

I most recently raided in <Distant>@mug'thol 2 day US 145 for Warlords (Guild Disbanded, twice), and we made a brief comeback in Legion going 10/11M in the short few months we existed. Prior to this I was in <Proper Villains>@Proudmore Warlords US144 (I left with 2 weeks notice). Prior to this I was a core raider of <Pathos>@Proudmore realm 5th for tier 16 (Guild Disbanded). It is my goal this expansion to play alliance in a similarly progressed guild to those I have been in, raiding 2-3 nights per week. Here is a link to the Mythic Archimonde kill US144, it will give you insight into my playstyle and my UI setup. I realize it is a bit dated but I am a warlock we push the same 3 buttons we always have my UI is still very similar with updates mostly to my weak Auras.

I feel that I am a committed player, with high attendance and an overall desire to do what it takes to get the next kill quickly. I learn quickly during progression, I rarely make the same mistake twice, in addition I own up to mistakes quickly so that the RL may make changes as necessary to the strat or I can get feedback form others on how to improve. Being open about mistakes is critical, it builds trust, and allows officers to identify when changes to the strategy may be required, hiding information never works to improve anything. I frown heavily upon those that change the strategy on their own without consulting officers and those who try to dodge their mistakes, these behaviors are not becoming of a mythic raider nor a team player. I always come prepared, I have at any given time several weeks of my own flasks, foods, and potions, I have plenty of funding both in game and in RL, you will never find me without consumables or the ability to acquire them prior to raid. My communication during raid is another thing I pride myself on, third person form, concise requests; for example "Nekro group 3 cc'd" is more than sufficient, "OMG help me over here with the thing before I die, oh shit, you guys I need heals, HALLLLPPP ME" is not useful and is demoralizing, disruptive, and absurd. The areas in which I need the most improvement is in my offspecs, Affliction is likely going to be the best spec as it always is, I have been practicing on beta and plan to continue working on it the most unless of course demo is more desirable going forward.

My technical specs are as follows:
Gigabit fiber 800+ MBPS up/down
Primary Rig: Intel I7-5820, 3x nvidia 970 gtx, 64GB ddr4 3000mhz, 2TB SSD, 3TB HDD
Secondary Rig: AMD FX-6100, 2x Nvidia 660gtx, 32GB ddr3 2333 mhz, 512 SSD, 2TB

I use the Logitech G700s, I have 5 backups all pre-programmed for that mid raid
emergency. Most of my abilities are bound to the mouse. I triple the buttons by
combining Shift, Ctrl with the mouse buttons. I use WAD for movement, backpedal is
for bads (Strafe or die trying imo) so S is bound to other abilities. I have a two
logitech wireless headsets.
Unless I have a blackout or I am dead, I have options.

I use very few addons, Weak Aura, DBM(Or w/e current raid requires), Move anything, bartender, Drag View Port, Skada Meters, and of course any loot, boss, or otherwise mods as required or needed.

If you should have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me here or Nekrotik#1782. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

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