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 Post subject: Clapsta - Windwalker
PostPosted: September 24th, 2018, 7:38 pm 

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--What is your character's name, race, class, and primary spec?
Clapsta, Draenei Monk. Primary WW, comfortable on Brew. Can mistweave in a pinch.

--Please provide your profile link from of the character you're applying on. ... an/Clapsta

--How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
2005, a few months into Vanilla

--What is your real life age? (Under 18, 18-25, 25-30, 30+)

--What time zone do you live in?

--Do you have any other worthwhile 120's? (Name, Class, and Server)
Appsta, Paladin on Dalaran. Primarily for healing/tanking. Ret is zzz.


--Do you predominantly (one or the other) activate spells and abilities using your keyboard/buttons on your mouse or by clicking the spells on the screen? Do you use your mouse or your keyboard (or a combination) to move?
I bind everything, and use a lot of shift modifiers in doing so. I move with a combo of mouse and keyboard-- like all melee I tend to qeqeqeq spam when boss mechanics don't restrict me.

--What are your keybinds?
I'll list the notable ones:
1 Tiger Palm, 2 Blackout Kick, 3 Fists of Fury, 4 Roll, 5 Rising Sun, 6 WDP, T Spinning Crane,
Shift-Mouse Gift of the Naaru, S1 Chi Burst, S2 Touch of Death, S3 Storm Earth Fire, S4 Xuen, F Karma, Mouse4 Fist of the White Tiger, ` Flying Serpent Kick, G Kick

--What do you think the strengths and weaknesses of your class are?
Windwalkers excel in mobility first and foremost. DPS-wise, their burst lends them to be good on fights that have priority targets, and their AoE is toward the top-end, though not the best in the game. Weaknesses are a lack of defensives (assuming you use karma for DPS, may be changing soon,) and not much utility outside of their movement.

--For your main spec, what is your rotation (and/or priority system)? If you're a healer, please explain what heals you use in what situations.
Because of our mastery, there's not a rotation as much as said priority system. You could write paragraphs on this, (and they exist already on peak,) but in a nutshell: WDP when you can, Rising Sun normally, White Tiger to trade energy for chi, Fists of Fury afterward. Keep hit combo (mastery) up always, now that swift roundhouse isn't our go-to cheese azerite power.

--What is the level of your Heart of Azeroth neck?

--Describe your experience and ability with each of your specs.
In legion I swapped to BrM for our guild and main-tanked extensively for this through Nighthold. When we found a tank (and struggled to find DPS,) I converted to Windwalker and have been doing so ever since. I tank a lot in M+ but I only rarely heal outside of PVP.

--Please provide an up-to-date picture of your UI (from a non-terrible site) here. List your hotkeys if they aren't easily viewable or a mod is preventing them from being viewed.

--What add-ons do you use? Please name the ones that are of particular interest to your class or raiding.
BigWigs, AngryAssignments/Exorsus, Clique, WeakAuras

--Do you regularly investigate the details of your class and spec outside the game? If yes, what sites do you use and what do they offer you? If no, why do you not try to find out all the information you can about your class?
Yes, the monk discord is well-maintained. Their website, peakofserenity, will have articles on the major happenings in the monk community, though the wind-discussion is where you get the spicy memes (haste build is coming back, boys.)

--The only thing the raid leader should have to explain to an applicant is the actual guild's strategy on a certain boss fight. With that said, will you come to a progression raid having already watched videos on every boss fight you will be encountering and read any available information relevant to encounters?
Yes. I think it's usually good to watch 2 of fights you're coming up on new, so you can see different strategies if available, and be able to offer feedback if requested.

--Will you come to raids with full consumables and the best gems/enchants you can get?

Raiding Experience in World of Warcraft (At content level)

--Vanilla: ZG, MC full clears, AQ20

--Burning Crusade: Karazhan, ZA, Gruul's, Mag's Lair, SSC, TK

--Wrath of the Lich King: Did not raid much here. Eye of Eternity and a bit of Ulduar

--Cataclysm: Took off Cata

--Mists of Pandaria: Returned to the game mid-ToT. Cleared it and Siege.

--Warlords of Draenor: Cleared Highmaul, BRF. Guild fell apart before HFC seriously got started.

--Legion: Ran a guild through ToS. Disbanded midway through, went to a more progression-oriented team. Got CE and stepped away from the game until BFA for a fresh start.


--Please post a link to a recent Warcraftlogs report. This is a must-have.
Here are overall parses:

--What guilds have you been in (name and server) and why did you leave (or plan on leaving)? Lots over the years. Most recently, the guild I was with did not take things as seriously as I do, so it was a poor fit. Lots of grey parsing, and people using no consumables on progression bosses.


--Why did you initially choose your character/class? What do you like most about it?
To be honest, Brewmaster was just busted at the time, and I had my BiS legendary so I swapped. But once I went windwalker, it was over. The spec is very rhythmic with its mastery, I tire of specs that are builder-builder-builder-spender, so WW is a good fit.

--Are you receptive to criticism?
Yes. I was in the military for 6 years (for better or worse,) so I've received my fair share of criticism. Sometimes nicely, sometimes not as nicely.

I look forward to speaking with you guys soon. :) Bnet is Intricate#1752

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