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 Post subject: Accepted - Twiid-Disc/Holy Priest
PostPosted: January 9th, 2019, 12:38 am 

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--What is your character's name, race, class, and primary spec?
Twiid, NightElf, Priest, and I mainly play Disc, but can play holy and shadow efficiently.

--Please provide your profile link from of the character you're applying on. ... oore/Twiid

--How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
I played WoW from late Vanilla until the end of WotLK, and then came back during Antorus in Legion.

--What is your real life age?
Im 24

--What time zone do you live in?
I live in Mountain Standard Time

--Do you have any other worthwhile 120's? (Name, Class, and Server)
I have a MW monk Named Twiidd, and a rogue named Doozknutz, both on Proudmoore.

--Do you predominantly (one or the other) activate spells and abilities using your keyboard/buttons on your mouse or by clicking the spells on the screen? Do you use your mouse or your keyboard (or a combination) to move?
I only use keybindings, BUT will revert to a clicker when doing world quests sometimes. I use a combination of my mouse and keyboard.

--What are your keybinds?
I bind my main heal/Power Word Shield to my right mouse button, and use my other mouse buttons for movement abilities (Feather, Life Grip) and Shadow Mend as my other open mouse button. Smite is bound to 1, Shadow Word Pain to 2, Penance as 3, and Power Word Radiance as 4. I then bind other abilities that are on 15-45 second cooldowns to alt-1 through 4. My raid cds are bound to F, alt-F, T and alt-T, and my external cds are bound to y and alt-y. Dispel is G, mass dispel is H, and purge is X.

--What do you think the strengths and weaknesses of your class are?
The strengths of Disc are very strong raid healing, even in spread out situations, they provide damage to raid bosses or adds while healing, and have some of the best external raid utility in the game.
The downside of playing disc is you have to properly build up to your healing burst windows. Its not like holy priest where you can say, "Oh shit, everyone just took a bunch of damage!" Then use salvation/hymn

--For your main spec, what is your rotation (and/or priority system)? If you're a healer, please explain what heals you use in what situations.
I keep 3-4 atonements up during not high damage instance (tank(s) taking damage is one of these). My priorities for damage abilities while these are up is Schism>Solace>Penance>Smite, keeping Shadow Word Pain always on the boss. Shadow mend and empowered Penances can be used for spot healing.
Then for my healing burst window when raid damage is high, get out about 15-20 atonements, pop Evangelism, then Schism-Solace-Penance-Smite...…….-Solace.
Rapture is used to get 15ish bubbles out on the raid before a damage spike, and my shadow fiend is used with healing burst windows when damage is high.

--What is the level of your Heart of Azeroth neck?

--Describe your experience and ability with each of your specs.
I have played disc/holy on 5/8 mythic bosses in Uldir, and all heroic bosses. I also do 10-15 m+ keys as disc. I played disc and holy on 5/8m bosses in Antorus. I have not played much shadow this expansion, because it was garbage until 8.1, but have done some keys on it since 8.1. I play shadow on 5/8m bosses in Antorus also.

--Please provide an up-to-date picture of your UI (from a non-terrible site) here. List your hotkeys if they aren't easily viewable or a mod is preventing them from being viewed.

--What add-ons do you use? Please name the ones that are of particular interest to your class or raiding.
Vuhdo for healing. Details. GTFO. Weak Auras to track cooldowns and atonements on the raid. DMB.

--Do you regularly investigate the details of your class and spec outside the game? If yes, what sites do you use and what do they offer you? If no, why do you not try to find out all the information you can about your class?
Being a healer, there is no real, 'this trinket provides the best HPS' really, so I often go to the Warcraft Priests Discord to see what traits and trinkets they are saying are best and why. I also Try to watch Automatic Jak, a high end priest streamer, sort of often to see what he is doing.

--The only thing the raid leader should have to explain to an applicant is the actual guild's strategy on a certain boss fight. With that said, will you come to a progression raid having already watched videos on every boss fight you will be encountering and read any available information relevant to encounters?
Yes. I always watch the videos beforehand to see the mechanics of a fight, and to figure out when I am going to need to build up my atonements for healing.

--Will you come to raids with full consumables and the best gems/enchants you can get?
You et.
Raiding Experience in World of Warcraft (At content level)

--Vanilla: None

--Burning Crusade: Kara-Black Temple (didn't raid Sunwell)-Mained my rogue at this point

--Wrath of the Lich King: Nax-Icecrown-Mained my rogue at this point


--Mists of Pandaria-None

--Warlords of Draenor-None

--Legion-Only Antorus (5/8m. This was before transferring to alliance on Proudmoore. I played horde on Earthen Ring (SUPER low pop))


--Please post a link to a recent Warcraftlogs report. This is a must-have. ... oore/twiid

--What guilds have you been in (name and server) and why did you leave (or plan on leaving)?
I am currently in Eternal Kingdom on the Pantheon team, and am leaving because the leadership on the team is very bad, and is to scared to do what is needed to progress as a team (sit low par player, keep their own character geared and up to par, etc).

I am a very competitive person, so accpet criticism openly, because it helps to improve my game play. Im also a very foward person and like people to be that way with me too if I am messing up in raid. I love doing keys in my spare time, and also despise world quests, but understand they are a necissary evil.

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