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 Post subject: Hobosapien - Outlaw Rogue
PostPosted: November 11th, 2019, 11:50 am 

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--What is your character's name, race, class, and primary spec?

Hobosapien, Night Elf, Rogue, Outlaw ATM because I mostly do mythic + to improve my character.

--Please provide your profile link from of the character you're applying on. ... hobosapien

--How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

I started playing the game at the middle of Wrath, took a break in Pandaria, and came back at end of Draenor.

--What is your real life age? (Under 18, 18-25, 25-30, 30+)


--What time zone do you live in?


--Do you have any other worthwhile 120's? (Name, Class, and Server)



--Do you predominantly (one or the other) activate spells and abilities using your keyboard/buttons on your mouse or by clicking the spells on the screen? Do you use your mouse or your keyboard (or a combination) to move?

Keyboard/Mouse buttons for abilities. To move i use keyboard to strafe and mouse/KB combo to move around.

--What are your keybinds?


--What do you think the strengths and weaknesses of your class are?

Great AOE is an obvious one, but I think the best rogues see that the class has many resources to help with dealing with raid mechanics.

--For your main spec, what is your rotation (and/or priority system)? If you're a healer, please explain what heals you use in what situations.

RtB buffs must be up at all times, for ST I keep Crit buff/ or any 2 buffs. For AOE I keep any buff except SS. My prio is to use between the eyes at full CP when its off CD. For AOE I like to pool some energy before I use my Blood of the enemy essence in order to get as many abilities in within the crit time window. Outlaw is a very hybrid class, where CDs are not set in stone due to Restless Blades. Thats my TLDR for my spec so ofc its gonna miss somethings like deadshot, blade flurry, adrenaline rush.

--What is the level of your Heart of Azeroth neck?


--Describe your experience and ability with each of your specs.

For raiding I have always been an assasination rogue. Ever since I came back to retail wow a month ago , I tried to focus on outlaw because its the best spec for what I considered MY endgame progression, mythic +s. Now that I got a feel for the game again, I want to get back into raiding so I have been putting together some assasination rogue gear that will help in raiding. I do however, feel very comfortable with either specs, and will be able to perform at a high level with both.

--Please provide an up-to-date picture of your UI (from a non-terrible site) here. List your hotkeys if they aren't easily viewable or a mod is preventing them from being viewed.

--What add-ons do you use? Please name the ones that are of particular interest to your class or raiding.

DBM, WA, Details, Elvui

--Do you regularly investigate the details of your class and spec outside the game? If yes, what sites do you use and what do they offer you? If no, why do you not try to find out all the information you can about your class?

I check out Icyveins, keep up with nerfs/buffs on forums, Rogue Discord channels, raidbots. But what I really like to do is look at replays from warcraftlogs to see what top rogues are doing and understand why they are doing it.

--The only thing the raid leader should have to explain to an applicant is the actual guild's strategy on a certain boss fight. With that said, will you come to a progression raid having already watched videos on every boss fight you will be encountering and read any available information relevant to encounters?

Of course. I wouldn't waste valuable progression time.

--Will you come to raids with full consumables and the best gems/enchants you can get?


Raiding Experience in World of Warcraft (At content level)


None other than classic that I played since launch in August for a couple months. Cleared all the content that is currently out for that.

--Burning Crusade: None

--Wrath of the Lich King:

ICC 10 man heroic and 25 Man Normal, with most heroic bosses down.


BWD heroic, Throne, Bastion

--Mists of Pandaria


--Warlords of Draenor

Cutting Edge HFC, mythic Highmaul


Cutting edge EN, mythic trial of valor, mythic nighthold (all put 5% guldan) mythic Tomb


--Please post a link to a recent Warcraftlogs report. This is a must-have. ... fficulty=3

--What guilds have you been in (name and server) and why did you leave (or plan on leaving)?

I have been mostly on Malganis Horde before this xpac. Anomaly was the guilds name , and Hobojoncena was my rogue.


--Why did you initially choose your character/class? What do you like most about it?

I have been a rogue in wow since I started. I have always like melee classes because I dont like to coward from a safe distances like some other people. The resources that rogues have in combination with their dps is why i fell in love with the class.

--Are you receptive to criticism?

Constructive criticism is how we all improve. Knowing that I might never be the best rogue in the world and my hunger to improve will always be a strength of mine.

PS: Jeff Epstein didn't kill himself.

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